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We recently carried out a self search on Google for Computer Orbit and found the top most recent searched question was ‘Is Computer Orbit legit?’ so we thought it was only right to answer the question and put those who doubt us at ease.

Valid question… here is our answer 😊


The Short Answer:

Of course we are!

We’re a very well known and reputable family business based in Newcastle/Gateshead in the North East of England.

We’ve been established since 1996.

We’ve got one of, if not, the biggest independent stores in the North East.

We’re a small team of enthusiastic, experienced and knowledgeable staff who care about you and the service you receive.

We’re on PCPartPicker UK which have strict requirements for businesses' to join, you need some credibility, buying power and decent stock inventory to be partnered with PCPartPicker, which we are very proud to be a part of.

We are trusted and approved resellers for many major brands such as Ducky, MSI, NZXT, Keychron and more!


The Long Answer: (grab your coffee)

We’re assuming if you’re asking the question you’re probably not from the North East or Newcastle/Gateshead area. We are one of the longest standing independent stores in the area, and are well known across the North East.

We’ve been established since 1996, the business is older than some members of our team, which speaks for itself.

For the majority of our years in business we’ve focused on providing an exceptional in-store service to our local customers which has been the backbone of our business from day one. Like thousands of other businesses COVID-19 smacked us dead in the face, the choice was to adapt or just see how it goes… We adapted, and we adapted fast. Within a short period we built our new website, stock piled inventory, changed pricing structure and began to gain traction with online sales.

In September 2021 we joined PCPartPicker which is a well known price comparison and PC building website. This opened our doors to customers across the country rather than focusing on just the North East. Our new strategy coupled over 26 years of supplier/distributor relationships meant we can compete fiercely on pricing for many products, often being the cheapest on PCPartPicker which would also often mean being the cheapest in the UK.

We’ve been welcomed exceptionally well by the online/PCPartPicker community with great feedback and reviews about our pricing, delivery times and service and we’ve just started. We’ve got raving reviews on Google & Trustpilot which you are more than welcome to read at your convenience.

We’d like to assure you we are more than ‘legit’. We’re only a phone call or live chat away should you have any questions or queries, we answer them personally so you’ll often talk with the same members of our team. We’re very efficient with emails and aim to get back to customers as soon as possible and we always welcome our customers in-store.


If you are local or are looking for a day trip out, feel free to visit our experience store and browse our wide range of products on display.

See what our store is like in the video below: