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DPD Pin Code on Delivery

Starting 16th Febuary 2024, we will be enabling PIN code verification on delivery with DPD services. This will prevent parcels being left in the open, which is the primary issue we were previously facing with DPD deliveries.

Shortly after your order has been dispatched, DPD will provide you with a PIN code via email/text. This will need to be provided to the driver on delivery. Only when the PIN code is provided, can the driver hand over the Parcel. It is important to provide a correct email address & phone number so that DPD are able to contact you with your PIN code.

Should you find yourself without the PIN at the time of delivery, the driver is capable of resending the PIN code to the mobile number or email address initially entered in your order.

It is important to note that without your DPD PIN, the driver will be unable to complete the delivery. In scenarios where you are unable to provide your PIN code during the delivery, the driver will schedule a reattempt for the following day.

If you would prefer your order to be shipped without using PIN code verfication, please select Parcelforce delivery instead.
(e.g. If you will not be present for delivery, sending to a 3rd party, will not have access to provide the PIN code, etc)

Default Courier Change

Due to a steady decline in quality & performance from DPD over the past few months, as of November 2023, we primarily switched from shipping with DPD to shipping with Parcelforce.

As a result, we no longer use DPD as a default for shipping orders, although we still provide the option for customers to select DPD should they desire. As in some regions DPD will still have good performance & we like to give our customers the choice of courier.

Courier Performance

We ship with a range of couriers, and we track the performance & reliability of each of them in order to provide the best experience possible for our customers.

Our delivery statistics & major issues are always tracked & logged, this is so we can switch couriers to ones that meet our expectations, demands and provide the best shipping experience available to our customers. We are not afraid to "name & shame" couriers which do not provide the performance and experience our customers deserve.

All "Major Issues" are logged in our system from start to finish, from when the order is shipped, when the issue is reported and every step along the way until the issue is resolved with the courier.

Major Issues include: Loss, damage to products, Major Delays (1 week+), deliveries to incorrect addresses, items left in unsafe locations, theft, etc.

Unless reported by the customer, we do not actively track minor issues such as small delays, damage to outer packaging, unable to locate premesis, missing delivery estimate, etc

Major Delivery Issues logged (Sep 2023 - Feb 2024):

Courier Share of Deliveries Share of Major Issues % Major Issues per Delivery Major Issues Rate Claims Resolved with Courier within 30 Days (%)





1 in 175






1 in 417


Royal Mail




1 in 250


We actively try out several other couriers (not listed above) on a small amount of our standard delivery orders so that we can collect our own data and in order to provide the best experience possible. This allows us to change couriers to the ones we find perform the best.


Why are only some of the couriers you provide listed, not all of them?

Whilst we track the performance of all of our couriers used, we only provide data for our most used couriers.
Our lesser used couriers will not have as much data, and may not be fully representative of their true performance, as outliers can skew results dramatically with these.
The courier data shown on this page is only for couriers in which we ship a very large number of orders with, as a result we are confident in the data we provide being accurate.

The data doesn't match up with my experience?

Courier performance will vary dramatically depending on your local depot, local management and most importantly your local driver.
Our data is collected over tens of thousands of shipments, these are the averages throughout this time. So while a courier may be excellent/poor in our results, your local service may differ.

Is this just for the UK or International too?

The majority of the data on this page is from UK/Domestic shipments. International shipments are still included within this data for the couriers shown, However these make up a very small amount of the data.

How often do you switch default couriers?

We change & update our offerings as the performance from each courier may change. There is no set time we may keep with a certain courier, only unless the service they provide starts to decline to a point in which we are unhappy with their performance.

Have Any Other Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our delivery services, please Contact Us for any information.