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1000W Phanteks Revolt ATX 3.0 Platinum White Cable Free PSU

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Phanteks Revolt PSU has been developed with Seasonic, for maximum efficiency and reliability when delivering power to your gaming PC. This power supply has been certified 80 PLUS Platinum, meaning that they are extremely efficient. The Phanteks Revolt PSU features a hybrid control mode for its fan, when in this mode and under a light load, the fan will turn off for completely silent operation. What’s more, this PSU has been manufactured to support the latest ATX 3.0 standard, capable of handling power spikes of up to 235% of their rated power output. Moreover, with their native support for 12VHPWR PCIe GEN5, 600W of power can be supplied to a GPU via a single cable. The fully modular design allows you to utilise only the cables you need for your components, helping to create a clean aesthetic within your build. Additionally, by not having cables within the scope of delivery, you can choose the exact cables you need, without creating waste.


  • 1000W power delivery, ideal for modern hardware
  • Fully modular, use only the cables you need
  • Hybrid fan mode, for silent operation
  • ATX 3.0 certified, capable of handling spikes of 235% of power delivery
  • Highly efficient with an 80 PLUS Platinum rating
  • No included cables, saves on creating e-waste


The Phanteks Revolt PSU can meet the demands of modern high-end hardware, such as AMD Ryzen 7000 Series CPUs and NVIDIA RTX 40 Series GPUs. These power supplies have been engineered to meet the latest ATX 3.0 standard, meaning they can handle large power spikes without receiving damage. In fact, the Phanteks Revolt exceeds this, with its ability to handle power spikes of up to 235% of its rated power delivery. What’s more, it has native support for 12VHPWR PCIe GEN5 and can deliver up to 600W to a GPU along a single cable. Perfect for powerhouse graphics cards, such as the NVIDIA RTX 4090.


Phanteks has ensured that their Revolt PSUs are highly efficient at delivering clean power to your gaming PC. Each PSU has been engineered for this goal and, as such, received an 80 PLUS Platinum rating. This means that at 50% load, a Phanteks Revolt PSU is 94% efficient! Thanks to this, minimal waste is produced and does not require much cooling.

Phanteks Revolt PSUs are also equipped with a button that allows you to place it into hybrid fan control. When activated, the power supply stops its fan from spinning whilst under light loads, meaning that it is completely silent. What’s more, the 135mm fan features fluid dynamic bearings, which not only provide excellent longevity, but also increase the stability, helping to stay whisper quiet even when in operation.


The Phanteks Revolt PSU does not include any cables within its scope of delivery. This is an innovative idea that advances upon fully modular power supplies. Some PSU cables may be surplus to requirements for specific builds. What’s more, people may opt to use a custom set of cables instead. This leads to the creation of e-waste, as people dispose of these unwanted cables. By not including any cables, the Phanteks Revolt PSU helps to reduce this waste.

Alongside these PSUs, Phanteks has released a series of high-quality cables that you can purchase separately. These cable kits come in two options, a starter kit which includes the essential cables for a gaming PC, alongside a complete cable kit which includes all the cables you may require. Additionally, Phanteks has worked with CableMod to ensure they produce custom cables perfectly suited for their Revolt power supplies, and even offer a configurator for choosing cables specifically for your case. Thanks to this, you can order a custom set of cables that exactly match your gaming PC.

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