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Corsair iCUE LINK System Hub

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Build better and build smarter with the CORSAIR iCUE LINK System Hub, a single controller that synchronizes and manages all your system cooling and RGB lighting devices. CORSAIR iCUE software automatically detects devices connected to either of the controller's two ports. Each port can handle up to seven iCUE LINK devices for a total of 14, significantly reducing cabling complexity thanks to the iCUE LINK ecosystem’s innovative single-cable design. The iCUE LINK System Hub fits almost anywhere in your case and attaches magnetically to the PC frame. With iCUE LINK, cluttered and complicated builds are a thing of the past.

- Build Better. Build Smarter: The CORSAIR iCUE LINK System Hub synchronizes and manages all your system cooling and RGB lighting. Connect fans, CPU cooler, custom cooling components, and more with fewer cables than ever before.

- LINK Your Components: Connect up to 14 iCUE LINK devices and significantly reduce cabling complexity thanks to an innovative single-cable solution

- Auto Detection and Installation: CORSAIR iCUE software automatically detects and configures connected iCUE LINK devices, making installation a breeze

- Compact Design for Easy Installation: A compact 2x2” (5x5 cm) profile makes it easy to magnetically attach iCUE LINK System Hub to any metal surface in your case.

- Unite Your Setup: Powerful CORSAIR iCUE software enables you to synchronize RGB lighting across all your iCUEcompatible devices, adjust fan speeds, set up custom fan curves, and more.

- Backward Compatible Software: CORSAIR iCUE software (version 5 or later) manages both the iCUE LINK ecosystem and your existing CORSAIR iCUE components from the same interface.


- Power: PCIe
- Input Rating (12V): 14.2A

- Output Rating (12V): 7A (per port)
- Data: USB 2.0
- Dimensions (mm): 52mm x 52mm x 18mm
- iCUE LINK Cable length (mm): 600mm, 100mm
- USB cable length (mm): 300mm
- Power cable length (mm): 150mm
- Warranty: 2 Year

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